A Pivotal career move

Some news. I'm joining Pivotal Labs.


This opportunity came when I least expected or searched for it. My wife and I just welcomed our third child into our family and we were just getting back into a routine. Pivotal is making big waves in the software development and design space working the biggest brands and companies in the world. I couldn't have joined at a better time.

I'll be helping the Dallas office get established and welcome new team members, or Pivots, as they are called internally. I'm very thankful for the chance to realize a goal of mine this early, to work as a Product Designer and focus on UX with an amazing team on difficult challenges.

I count myself doubly blessed to have had such a wonderful boss and team here at UT Southwestern and to be able to walk into an equally generous and servant-hearted team at Pivotal. That's a rare thing; and I'll miss my team here. You all are doing great work. I'm rooting for you.

Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way.

Coby Almond